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New to all of this...

Hello, I am new here and just wanted to say hi. This problem is very new for me and just can't quite accept it. Not sure how I'm going to deal with this. I am both bladder and bowel incontinent due to a recent accident. Hope some others with this problem can help me with the many questions I have. Thank you and looking forward to meeting others!!

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Please feel free to post your questions. I hope that the community will have ideas and resources for you.

Please remember that millions of people are living with incontinence - urinary, bowel, and both! Together we can help each other manage our incontinence and not let it manage us!

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I became bowel and bladder IC five years ago after a car accident. I also have ED as a result. The solution is to use adult briefs and plastic pants full time which is time consuming and expensive and embarrassing. People in my building know and look at my bulge when I walk by. They also see the supplies and dirty briefs in the trash. This is all so bad that I wonder whether an colostomy would be less awful. I don't have sex anymore so that's not a consideration. What are your thoughts?


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