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I am a Newbie

I am the 59 year old grandmother of a two year old sickle cell beautiful Tom boyish little girl. I am learning about this ailment every day with my daughter as she goes through the things that happen to our little precious. I have joined to learn from others who can explain what they go through as our little one cannot express to us quite clearly yet.


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Hi Nann,

My parents found out I had Sickle Cell at 3 yrs old. They said that from the age of 3 months, all I did was cry, so we now assume, that i was having crisis from that age. To be honest every individuals experience is different, with no two people being the same. However the common ground is that those who experience Sickle Cell crisis, all have to deal with the Pain. Unfortunately it is a very unpleasant feeling, that is not like any other pain i've experienced. I personally find it difficult to actually describe the pain, but even at my age (41) i still find it unbearable.

Ensure your granddaughter, drinks lots of fluid , particularly in the summer and stays warm in the winter, as they can be triggers. As she gets older be mindful of over exertion and stress, as they can contribute to.

hope i was of some help



Thank you Shankei. I really appreciate you sharing your experience.


Yes thankyou, my son diagnosed sickle cell trait /alpha thallaseamia trait age 12. I knew before the diagnosis he had a health condition but didn't know what it was.many symptoms over the years,dizziness, headaches,lethargy,carsickness,stomachs pains,exercise,often made him feel sick,he cried a lot as a baby,just now having trouble finding more answers to many questions, and the correct medical diagnosis, PLEASE


I needed to add low iron


Hello, this is my first time writing on here. As I usually just read. I just had my first baby, and he has sickle cell anemia. He's 10 months. We have experienced a left swollen hand so far. He has been on penicillin since 3 months old. And will start Hydroxyurea on Friday. I pray that life treats him well. We can keep in touch on ones progress.


Hi FancyA

Looking forward to hear and share.

Thank you


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