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My baby

Hello everyone my name us Luz,i have a 9 year son who has sickell cells since he was born, he has the bad one, his been in the hospital so many time since he was 3 month. Last month he was in the hospital for i month, Now his oxygen stays low n they put him in oxygen at home . my poor baby goes through so much.

His so down, they had to take gym away in school n he loved gym.

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Hi Luz, I am so sorry to hear what your son is going through with his sickle cell. It sounds like the kind of sickle cell intensity I have. Always sick and in hospital with not stop injections. It must be so hard for him. Poor him. At this stage he is just getting to understand that he is not like everyone else. I know you said he loves, but gym stress can bring on a crises. May be you can talk to the school and see if they can set up a less stressful way to still use the gym. You already sound like an amazing parent. All parents taking care of children with sickle cell, you are heroes. You do amazing work. We the sicklers go through so much from pain to treatment. So please do lots of things that makes him happy. And teach him how to know his limit especially when it comes to play or gym. I wish you both the best of luck. ❤💜💙

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Is your son on hydroxyurea?


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