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Diagnosis - Peritoneal Fluid Suspicious for Malignancy

Hello ladies,

I have been researching on ovarian cancer as all of this is new to me. I am 35 y.o and had a Serous Borderline Tumor removed through an oophorectomy 2 weeks ago.

Found out on my post op from my OBGYN that my tumor was cancer. Pathology shows Peritoneal Fluid suspicious for malignancy and have been referred to a Gynco.

I am about 5 hours away from this specialist and am wondering what to expect at this point: tests and some of the possible scenarios. Just wanted to have an idea of the logistics I am going to be looking at.

Any ideas/ comments? I would appreciate any input you may have.

Hope you all are doing great today.



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Hi sillisil. Welcome to the group! I am tagging a few users who might have some insight for you about either specific logistics or the general ovarian cancer experience: AndreafromSHARE rppizio DSK-C CALENA

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