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Happy New Year to everyone

We’re happy you found us, and we hope that this year finds you experiencing peace in the midst of uncertainty and comfort in your community of support.

Please let us know if there’s any way SHARE volunteers or admins on this site can direct you to the information or support you need! If you’re looking for an additional way to engage with someone who knows what you’ve been through, feel free to call our helpline at 844-ASK-SHARE.

I also wanted to remind everyone quickly of our community guidelines. Please note that posts and comments are not a substitute for the professional advice of your medical care team, and please keep all comments kind and respectful. If you feel that any content is inappropriate or potentially harmful, please contact an admin.

The admins for this site are listed here: healthunlocked.com/share-ov...

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To Missa13,

Thank you for your kind words here. They do bring us comfort and support in ways that we may fail to express exquisitely.

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