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Mornings are always better


Hi everyone, I am so thankful for mornings.I wake up with a better attitude and ffeeling way better. It's not the fear is gone or the pain, I just wake up with more hope. I'm learning so much on here. With 4 treatments to go my anxiety level is growing. In hopes my cancer will be gone. But fearful of all the what if's. My husband is gone for 30 days at a time due to work and only home 2 weeks at a time. If not for my best friend and sister I would be alone during this. My be comes 2 times a day to walk my dog and ck on me n my sister comes and stays 2-3 days following treatment. So some days I just fight this battle the best I can. I would just love to ask questions to someone some days who understands.

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It's so difficult to stay positive when your at home alone with your thought ... chemo isn't pleasant I had awful joint pains but you get through it in the hope that it's making you well .... if I felt alone I put a post up and the support that I received got me through and made me realise I'm not alone... what I am going through others have too and they reassurance has helped me with many crisis.. remember to smile make memories and the last chemo session will be here before you know it... big hugs 🤗

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You are lucky in the sense that you do have a strong support system, which is very important. You also seems to have a good attitude! When I was in chemo I found meditating and deep breathing very helpful. I also walked 30-40 minutes a day as recommended by my oncologist. My chemo center had an integrative medical practice where I went for acupuncture and massages before and after every chemo cycle. I think all this helped. On the days when you feel up to it, try to keep busy with the activities you enjoy. Good luck!

mornings are the worst for me!. everything that I been through comes back to haunt me. by evening I feel much better, it's almost as if by evening I realize hey I didn't die today!! I just feel like its a matter of time before the cancer comes back to kill me.. even though I have a huge chance of cancer not coming back, according to my oncologist, 30 to 40 % of it coming back..

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