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Make sure your pharmacy is shipping your Ibrance safely!


My Ibrance arrived early yesterday evening by UPS ground in a box with no cooler. The temperature here was in the upper nineties and the heat index was over 100. I called Pfizer and the FDA. Both said that I should not take the drug. My mail order pharmacy was defensive but changed their tune when they realized that my husband was on the phone with the FDA as we spoke. I just want you all to be aware that the temperatures need to be observed. The recommended is 68 to 77 but can go 59 - 86 degrees. Mine was shipped UPS ground and was in a UPS truck without air-conditioning. The box was actually hot. They quit shipping in the coolers a while back and I didn't think about it. Yesterday, I was outside when they delivered and noticed the hot box, sweating UPS man and how hot it was. I am so thankful that I was outside when he arrived. Hannah

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Wow. Great info thanks

Thank you for that info. I have been on Ibrance/Letrozole for 18 months.

Since that combo has stopped working I am moving on to Fulvestrant and plan to continue the Ibrance. My UPs delivers Ibrance in an envolope, dropped at my door. I live in warm/hot California. I plan to check into this....thanks for heads up.

hdhonda in reply to DinNorCal

Please do contact your drug company. Mine originally sent them in a cooler put stopped.

I didn't occur to me that there was a problem until yesterday when I was outside when the delivery was made. UPS trucks are not air conditioned. Hannah

That is the correct way. Hannah

I had no idea! I live in Brooklyn, NY and it’s. It’s been a constant heatwave. UPS just drops it off with bubble wrap in a box and it waits in the lobby until I go get it. Yikes!!!

Thanks for heads up, Hannah!! XO Linda

Thank you for that information. Last time mine was delivered it was 100. Never thought about it. Didn't know they need to be in a cooler!

wow!! Mine never comes in anything other than a bag!! Last shipment was hot and I was concerned and then got on with other things and forgot about it! i will have to contact them.

Hannah, did your onc or anybody else tell you what problems the overheated Ibrance might cause? I was on it for 10 cycles in 2016 and developed breathing problems while on it, problems that continue even almost two years later.

hdhonda in reply to PJBinMI


Pfizer nor the FDA could tell me at what temperature it was unsafe. They just have the recommended levels and anything outside of those levels may be degraded. I would think it would degrade quicker in heat than cold, but I am not Dr. Hannah so I don't know. Both Pfizer and the FDA told me not to take it. My pharmacy sent a replace overnight so I was able to start as scheduled. Hannah

oh my gosh! I had no idea about this and thank you so much! They're going cheap on shipping and charging $14k a month for the drug, unfrickin' believable!

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