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New pain in raising arm

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I has a lumpectomy with 8 out of 9 lymph nodes cancerous removed in Feb 2017, Stage 3. Had some lymphadema afterwards that went away until about 2 months ago when my hand and fingers on that side became swollen. Did some of the exercises and it subsided. About 3 weeks ago, started with a cough,cold symptoms that has now caused pain when I try to raise my arm on the affected side. Has anyone had this after this length of time from surgery,chemo and radiation? Or could it be affected by the coughing?

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I have had lymphedema for 20+ years. It can develop at any point after the lymph nodes are removed since you now have a permanent deficit that can be overwhelmed by something that happens later. I have never heard about coughing causing lymphedema, although that doesn't rule out the possibility. I have experienced discomfort in my arm, tenderness and a sensation of heaviness. Nothing like pain upon moving. You are also exceptionally lucky if the lymphedema went away. In my personal experience change has only occurred in the direction of getting worse. If it is lymphedema-related it makes sense to act early before it gets worse. if it isn't, then it makes sense to figure out what is causing the pain. If I were in the situation you describe, I'd go to the doctor to figure out what is going on. Good luck!

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Thank you...I will get it checked out

I was basically told it was something I would always have to deal with, my Physical Therapist said she still wears a compression sleeve when she flies even after many, many years. Good luck with everything,


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Thank you

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