the waiting game

Hi, I was just diagnosed with stage III a Infiltrating lobular carcinoma. The doctors seem to think they got it all. Am waiting, waiting, waiting. The genomic testing should come back next week. Go to Oncologist on Monday. In the meantime, my mind keeps running to worst case scenario. How do I deal with it. Have a wonderful support group and hobbies. Just cannot seem to concentrate. Guess I just need hope.


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  • Greetings: Sister/Warrior Please try not to worry. Worry equals stress and stress is a friend to cancer.Find something you love doing or you always wanted to do, and immerse your-self in it.Keep positive people around you. Watch funny movies or funny you tube post. Don't let a cancer diagnosis rain on your parade.You are still in the land of the living and miracle are still in effect. Grab yours Amen. XoXoXoXoX

  • Thank you so so much. That was so uplifting. I pray and have others praying for me, but to hear these words from you made me feel much better. It's 5am and I've been up for 2 hours now because I couldn't sleep. I'll close my eyes now and try to rest. GOD bless you and thank you for encouraging words.

  • Good morning ! I had a hard time dealing with it, i havent started chemo now due to some other tests they need to do. Had metaport done, so i think to myself, do i have breast cancer or not. Have faith .

  • I know that it is hard to do, but try and put your mind at rest and focus on other things. Now is the time to pamper yourself and do the things that bring you joy. Going to a support group is a good idea so is talking with your friends We have a few volunteers here at SHARE who had the same diagnosis and are doing fine. Remember we are also here to suuport you Keep us posted on events in this journey as they unfold.

  • Thank you Friends. You all make a big difference!

  • Yes, the waiting is hard. I read, played with my granddaughters and tried to stay busy. I also researched the type of cancer I have, which was good and bad. I went between wanting to know,what to expect to too much information. If you do research, remember everyone is different, need different things and have different options available. I did feel better going into the doctors office with some knowledge, although my doctors have all been very informative.

  • DoubleCola : so sorry you find yourself with this diagnosis. But, once you see your doctor and agree on a treatment plan, you will feel better. Waiting is very hard...too much uncertainty....of course your mind is going to bad places. With an action plan, you'll begin to do what you must to treat this cancer and get to the other side. Keep in touch with the many survivors on this site. Also, if you need help sorting through your options or understanding some of the medical issues, call Share's Helpline to speak with someone who can guide you. Or we can just listen to your thoughts as you process them. Good luck and let us know how your appointment goes on Monday.

  • I completely understand your anxiety. Follow some of the advice others have given you. Stick w/your routine, hobbies. Stay with family & friends. Go to movies, get a facial, mani/pedi. And feel free to kvetch any time!

  • Tom Petty said it best...the waiting is the hardest part! I empathize with you. Try not to think about it, try to fill your days with pleasant things. I know it's hard but it's possible. Four years ago, I had a funky mammogram and had to wait 3 weeks for an appointment with a specialist, plus had plans to go away on a 2 week vacation with my family. What did I do? I went away, tried not to think about it until I got back. There were some sleepless hours at 3 am but for the most part I could clear my head.

    Here's a link to a piece I wrote about surviving a difficult diagnosis that might help you: Ravishly, 10 Ways to Cope with a Difficult Diagnosis, posted 4/14/15,

    Hope it helps! The best of luck for good news.

  • Great article!

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks. You fellow warriors are amazing and a great source of comfort.

  • DoubleCola59: So many wonderful suggestions have already been given to you and they are wonderful reminders for me as well!

    Trust that the universe or God is always working for you. This support is always with you even as you suffer through this difficult time.

    You are not alone.

    I wish you the best with your upcoming procedures!

  • Thank you so much! The support and understanding means the world to me.

  • Hello, five years ago I too had stage III infiltrating lobular carcinoma (w/ Her2+, Hormone Neg and borderline triple negative).

    My best advice for dealing with it is to stay busy. Keep your mind occupied on other things. I chose to continue to work and brought my laptop and cell to chemo and took French. Diversions go a long way in keeping one from getting down.

    When ever you find yourself starting to think of those various "what if" scenarios, immediately change what you are doing...get up, turn on TV, chat with a friend ... anything to train your brain not to dwell on the issue. Staying positive has SO much to do with healing. I hope that you will find this helpful. XXX

  • That is very helpful. Thank you.

  • Hello to a new "lobular" sister! I'm on my second cancer diagnosis after 15 years of remission.

    In February of 2015 the diagnosis is Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer to the spine. I understand your sensation of waiting, waiting, waiting; and as another sister reminded us (along with Tom Petty) "the waiting is the hardest part." I believe I fell into a funk/depression upon hearing the diagnosis both times. And my mind ran to the worst case scenario, more often than I'd like to admit.

    You are worthy of all the good the world has to offer. I agree with another post about pampering yourself. Get a massage, reflexology, or beauty treatments like mani/pedi.

    I started talking to naturopathic healers and getting their input for complementary health care modalities that felt natural to me.

    You have so much hope in 2017. There are new drugs, new trials and new hope coming to us daily. Keep your energy as strong as you can. Bless you for reaching out and sharing!

  • Thank you Sister. Keep me updated on you and promise me that you will take care of yourself

  • I stopped praying that nothing "bad" could or will happen. I started praying and truly believing that I had handle whatever happens. This was the most positive and powerful message and helped me with the anxiety and fear of the "what if".

  • What a wonderful prayer! Thank you for sharing.

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