Feeling like a sissy from Chemo

Hi, I started chemo for stage 2 TNBC 6 weeks ago. I'm noticing that I'm beginning to slow down especially at work. I have an amazing support circle both at home and on the job but I'm beginning to feel like by slowing down I may be disappointing people or appearing to be a weak person. Of course everyone around me disagrees with this but I'm actually doing battle mostly with myself. Just want to know if this is a normal feeling?

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  • Manmabear66 : Chemotherapy is a huge challenge to almost everyone who must endure it! While you didn't mention your particular protocol, the drugs you're taking impact your entire body, and I'm sure some of the side effects you're experiencing are a reminder of this. Fatigue, which you call " slowing down" is probably the most universal complaint and it persists, often increasing as you complete treatment. Please be kind to yourself and try to relax the high standards you probably set for yourself at work and at home. Will it help you to realize that this is temporary, not long term? That you will resume your normal energy levels in time? Yes, it's frustrating and difficult when your life changes so suddenly and unexpectedly. But try to be kind to yourself, knowing that for a while you cannot function at 100% And please, please allow yourself some extra T.L.C. You deserve it. Call Share's Helpline if you need any reassurance or support.

  • You're not a sissy at all! Don't worry about other people, think about yourself. Listen to your body. If it's telling you to slow down, slow down. Chemo takes a tremendous toll on your body. Give it what it needs--rest, quiet time, whatever. This is all about you and self-care. I think it is normal to feel you must be a "superwoman." I had similar feelings when I went through chemo about 3.5 years ago. But my body told me, "Whoa...slow down...take care of me." And I had no choice but to listen. I hope this helps.

  • Thank you so much!

  • I had TNBC and went through 4 rounds of T& C chemo with 20 radiation treatments. .. chemo brain is a real thing. I too felt like I was not smart anymore in what I did in my job or even in my home life .. found taking time to relax and feel better instead of pushing myself helped .. but I still today after a yr feel effects of the chemo .. in my body and my doctor says it is normal. Wish you all the best.

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