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First Time Sex while suffering from PCOD

My boyfriend and I have been together for a couple of years and are madly in love with each other. We wish to have sex now and it will be a first time for both of us... Only thing which is stopping us is that i have PCOD and currently being treated for it. My boyfriend is worried if it will affect my health in any way that my gynecologist will get to know and also we are concerned that can my gynecologist get to know that i am no longer a virgin when she will performs ultrasound or pelvic checks or by any other means???

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This is a very sensible post. Firstly when you do decide to have sex please please make sure that you use contraception. I am sure though I am not - of course - a doctor that your boyfriends concern is misplaced - it will not affect you at all. Why on earth should your gynaecologist "care" about whether you have had sex. It's no "business" of his/hers.

I'd guess though that you are in some country where this is less common? In UK/USA it would be no problem