Could I be pregnant after 4 negative tests?

Hi, myself & a guy I've been casually sleeping with had unprotected sex 3 times (though unprotected contact was brief & he withdrew).

After the first time, I took the morning after pill the next day. However I have not had a period within the last year, so am not on contraception (I've had my ovaries checked out & apparently they're perfectly healthy. I compete in fitness so periods just tend to stop if body fat / weight is particularly low etc).

I've been experiencing the following changes ever day for about 2-3 weeks now:

-Intense dull aches in lower back, lower abdomen, down thighs (feels like menstrual cramps)

- bloating (painless)

- nausea

- headaches

- sharp twinges around torso

- this is a strange one... Vivid dreams... I rarely dream, though dream and can remember every one I've had for the past week or so!?

- frequent toilet trips

- extreme hunger especially for carbs

- pressure in nose (almost like I'm about to have a nosebleed)

- picking up on smell (when I open the jar, the smell feels like it's burning my nostrils!)

- get emotional... I cried because I had to move desks at work?!!!

The thought of being pregnant never entered my head as I wasn't getting periods, though after esperiencing the above... Could I be?

It's been 5-6 weeks after unprotected sex. I've done 4 pregnancy tests ranging in brand and price, all clearly saying negative. Could I still be pregnant despite it being exactly 5 weeks since last contact and unprotected contact being rather brief? Thanks

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  • Yes you could be, id go to the doctors and have bloods done as that's the only other form of finding out this early x