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STI exposure

I had results back from the GP after having swabs, I have occurred a vaginal bacterial infection and an STI. I only started with symptoms a month ago. Are these symptoms caused from my bacterial infection or STI? My partner has told me that this happened two and a half years ago- could it stay in my system for this long and only start showing symptoms now- or are these symptoms from my other infection? HELP! If this could have been passed on more recently, I will definitely be walking away from the relationship- but I have no proof and don't know how long I have had this for.

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Hello, can you tell me what infection you have had and what symptoms?

Sexually transmitted infections can lie dormant for a long time but two and a half years is a VERY long time.

Bacterial vaginosis can just happen - that is not sexually transmitted.

Dr Webberley


Chlamydia was the infection and symptoms were burning after urinating and a bit irritable, also more discharge than normal. I don't know whether my symptoms were from the bacterial vaginosis or the STI so I don't know whether to believe I could have had an STI for nearly 3 years and it only show now.