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Infertility- A taboo among Indian couples

' Infertility ' has become a major concern among many Indian young couples . It still remains a great misconception that not being able to conceive is 'infertility' ; and very interestingly the blame goes to women concerned mostly. Whereas, the facts are (a) just not having a pregnancy by a woman or not being able to get a woman pregnant is not 'infertility' on either part, (b) an woman is not always responsible for not having a pregnancy (c) rather, a man is to contribute much more than the woman partner to over come such problem. Even doctors and medical consultants, some times, mislead couples having such problems. They just recommend super new medicines and test after tests making couples spend handsome amount and buy more worries . Couples who are facing such problems must try to understand that there are factors which attribute these kind of problems; and if such factors are observed and addressed properly , one can come out of the problem. The factors include (a) physical (b) psychological (c) clinical ( d) sexual-behavioural and many more .

We sincerely advise the members in the forum /community to study and analyse the factors acting in respect of both partners, with a very positive spirit and not to conclude an 'infertility' pre-maturely .

Members may share there specific problems with us directly if they wish to have free advise in this regard. Our e-mail address : .