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my name is ian

my sons mother found out two weeks ago by chance as she was coughing a lot and was admitted two hospital,she had a disease which was attacking her lungs,she has been in an induced coma for 2half weeks now and we went today and the doctors sat us down and told us its not good as parts of her lungs have been eaten away,i am writing this just to see if anyone else has had anything like this just in case there is some hope

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Hi Ian, I am in the process of diagnosis, after doing some research I found this Hospital site rbht.nhs.uk/patients/condit... worth a read. Good luck


Hi Ian. Sorry to hear of your struggles with sarcoidosis. SarcoidosisUK are here to support you in whatever ways we can. For instance we run support group, have a Nurse Helpline and information leaflets. Please find more information on these services and more on our website here: sarcoidosisuk.org and get in touch. Best wishes, Jack, SarcoidosisUK


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