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The Scientific Explanation on WHY RLSer's cannot take over the counter sleep meds and allergy meds. a MUST read! ;)

Check out this link. IT really gives the best explanation I have ever seen, and it all has to do with our brains, as usual! ;) The ingredient is Diphendramine/Benedryl and is many allergy meds and sleep meds, exactly the opposite effect we would want. Anyone who has RLS or knows someone with RLS should read this one! We have always known that these over the counter meds can disrupt 99% of us, and here is WHY. ;) Hope this helps someone!

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Thanks for posting Nightdancer, some people may not even know that certain OTC meds can make their RLS worse. So, its a good read and explaination.... :)


HI: talking about timeliness. My question for the night was going to be has anyone tried over the counter sleep meds. TU so much for answering that question. My next issue is I would like to brainstorm with anyone on the patch and what kind of side effects do you experience. The patch is helping my RLS to a great degree; HOWEVER, the side effects I have the next da y are horrible. I am experiencing shortness of breath daily now and it scares me. The other thing Im trying is to sleep in spurts. I have also seen on the Internet over the counter RLS pills that are supposed to lessen the RLS symptoms. has anyone ever tried those and has anyone had a good experience. tu for being here.. Bacci


HI, in plain English, NO pills or promises made on the internet that say they can "stop" or Cure" RLS is definitely a rip off. NO ONE has the magic secret 'that no one else has figured out" as they ALL claim. Trust us, and save your money, and stick with reputable web is a "snakeoil " salesman and is lying. There is no cure, yet, but some day..........Just like there is no cure for Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinsons, etc. no cure yet. ;( My team has checked out every" RLS remedy" on the internet, and I just got done trying free samples called Lights Off and Lights On, free samples were sent to me. Rubbish. It is a new company. They had all kinds of herbal ingredients, but the main ingredient is Melatonin, so that would be the reason it worked, if it helped at all, because of that! Beware. I have a warehouse of samples that every single one of those crooks have sent me, hoping I would push them on my groups. NOT happening, so please save your money.


I would never buy meds from the internet Bacci, we just do not know where they come from, or whats in them, to dodgy, to many people out there

just after your money and how can you tell the source of them or the ingredients in them


Hi baccib, can i ask what dose is the patch you are using, has it always given you shortness of breath since you have been using it. I have used the patch up til recently and i never had shortness of breath. Also i agree, never ever buy pills off the internet, what are these pills called.


Hi nightdancer, thank you for the link very interesting read + it is very useful indeed. However + i might have miss read the article but + i quote directly from it when they say

"which might explain why RLS patients can get by on so little sleep."

I'm sorry but because of my RLS i'am tired duing the day if i have a very bad night OR 2,

Together, because the RLS disturb's my sleep pattern's is why i'am tired!!!


as do all of us. ;)


I might "get by" with little to no sleep. It's not quality living and usually

my emotions get the best of me after 2 or 3 nights of disturbed sleeping.

I do know some people who not only get by with 3-5 hours of sleep,

but they actually function very nicely. They must get really good quality



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