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Offensive, Abusive, Bullying, Sarcastic or Intimidatory Language

Hello All,

Unfortunately the issue of abuse has once again reared its ugly head, resulting in my having to restrict a regular user of this forum.

When I set up this forum it was to help those living with RLS. What my role has turned into sometimes feels like a playground manager, where people who are supposed to be adults act in childish, petty and bitter ways. I will not tolerate it. I am therefore applying the rules of HU and where a person breaches these rules I will act. I do not take sides but look at the evidence provided to me.

I have evidence that much of the ill feeling between (a small number of the) HU forum users is the result of disagreements on other forums, particularly a number of Facebook groups to which particular HU forum users have privately been invited to join. I am not a member of any of these groups. As far as I am concerned you can say or do what you like on these other forums. I have no control over them (the other forums) or responsibility for them. However I do have a responsibility for the HU forum and to you, its users, and therefore will try to act wherever external disagreements spill into it - this is particularly difficult however when I only have one side of a story. There are always two sides to every story. I am often left to make a decision based on limited information, therefore only being able to act according to the evidence available to me. Sometimes this means I make the right decision, sometimes the wrong one.

Please help make my life easier. Treat each other with respect. If you use other RLS forums please keep your disagreements there. If you are in a disagreement on another forum, please do not ask me to intervene. In short, do not bring external disagreements onto this forum. I will have no hesitation in restricting or banning users who breach the HU rules.

Thank you.

Daragh, Chair RLS-UK

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I agree. We need to 'talk' to others on the 'net World-wide as though we are face to face ........ these types of Forums should be for sharing and caring.


i agree


Have read your report and totally agree with your sentiments, this site is for helping each other and listening the best way we can, and to support each other when we feel that we are suffering alone.It has been a breath of fresh of air to now know that there are other people out in the big world suffering with RLS ,and now we have a way of all colliating our information and suggestions to each other, which is great, what is the Old saying "A problem shared is a problem solved" perhaps not solved or cured, but at least you now know that you are not struggling on your own.

I feel that it is important that this site remain friendly and helpful, as RLS sufferers we suffer enought anxiety and stress and at times we feel able to open up to an unknown face about how we are feeling, so it is paramount that we all remain as helpful, kind and considerate at all times.

There is enought difficulties in life without any being on this Site. We need this site to support us and many others, the main aim of the site is to offer Support to people suffering with RLS and long may it continue.


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