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Journalist Needed

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Following up on the What The Papers Say, Eileen has made a suggestion that someone writes a positive article as a 'rebuttal' to the piece in

So are you an accredited journalist or do you know one?

Please message me if you have any thought's.


Bob M

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TiredparentRestless Leg Syndrome

As I understand it, some of the writer's comments were because she hadn't seen any adverts on TV in America recently for RLS. I suggest that if anyone does write a piece, it would be sensible for it to be an American (someone from the US posted a comment on the piece) who is aware of the situation in the US. Obviously it would also be sensible to contact the publisher to see if they would accept a letter in response. It might be that it was intended as a jovial little piece and that they do not wish to publish a more serious letter in response to it. But agree it is a good idea if they are willing!

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BobM in reply to Tiredparent

Good point!

It has to be one of us from the US. I have articles all ready to go, since I have been in these situations many times before., and I know how it works. We are well on our way to getting an article in there from this side fo the pond. I would never take on a British newspaper, so and since I know all the histiry of the drugas ads, etc and lived thru all that era that went down, it should be someoe from the US. Letters To The Editor is another way to get published in the paper. There is a spot wher you can send in a letter, and they ocik some and publish them every day. One woman from one of my groups is confirming information with them now, so sit tight, you guys! :o) I used to work for the local newspaper so I know how the "media groups" work also.

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BobM in reply to nightdancer

I sent a letter to the editor yesterday

h the typos. My fingers are tired. LOL Tere is a big article toda about how corporations are using social media,. but deleting negative comments, and one of them is WalMart, and freedom of speech and censorship is a bi debate today over here. how appropriate. so, tyhat is why we are glued to this newspaper, because it is a hot subject over here, and they are very nicely given us a good teaching tool. :) Everyone did an awesome job, even though most of our comments are still missing. grrr

The truth always comes out....not very quickly thro!!

Good work by all concerned!!! :)

Will be looking forward to Nightdancer's outcome with the newspaper...if anyone knows what they are doing it is her....being an american and knowing the ins and outs of how it works over there, and her knowledge of RLS...we could get a really good article in that paper.

My comment posted and deleted..I did not use any disrespectful

language or call names. I simply stated that I average 3 hours

of sleep a night and suffer greatly. = /, I sarcastically thanked

her for belittling me.

I am about to go check on them. I have been doing "screen shots" of that page with comments every time I go, so I know and have all the deleted comments; at least 90% of them. For a newspaper, they do not have their wve site set up well for themselves. all the comments go up, and then someone looks at them and plays with the delete button. NOT accepatable, not ethical, and barely legal from our point of view over here. So, it is not over yet. :)

thank you so much Nightdancer and Bob - this should make a big difference to our cause x

I have an email from the newspaper that came in this morning while I was out at a charity function for my family today. so, things are moving along. :)


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