Hi everyone......here is an update carried on from my last post. Well first of all i feel heaps and heaps better...never want to go to that dark place ever again ! I went to my doctor last week feeling my worst...she was sympathetic but clueless really...she wanted to put me on amitrypteline, but i refused..it''s an anti depressant first and foremost, did not want to go that route. I said i'm going to reduce my dosage of pramipexole which i have done. Today i am feeling much much better, that black cloud has lifted at last, and my RLS has been much better got some good nights rest last night...long may it continue !! Thank you all for your brilliant support....you were all marvelous xx

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  • So glad you are feeling much better I hope you get sorted and get your rest x

  • I am happy for you that you are having some sleep.


  • glad you back with us Maggie x :P ;)

  • Hi Maggie, some good news from you. Doctors seem to think we are depressed for the wrong reasons, we get depressed because we are not sleeping....when we get back to sleeping we feel better all round. I glad you refused the anti-d it is possible it would have made things 10 times worse as most anti-d's will.

    We are here if and when you need us in the future, but hoping that wont be for a long time. :)

  • Thank you all for your messages....what gems you are

    God bless you all xxx

  • It's so good to hear you are feeling better x

  • That makes me happy. =)))

  • A good story!!! Woo Hoo! ;o) need one today!

  • Good for you for saying NO to Amitriptyline! It is one of the highest drugs on the RLS "no no" list. so glad you are doing better ! :)

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