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Ropinirole dosage (RLS v Parkinsons)

Does anyone know why the max dosage for Ropinirole for RLS & PD is so significantly different?

I am currently on Ropinirole taking up to 7mg per day normally at a weekend when I'm less active, 5-6mg during the week.

The max dosage for PD is 24mg and only 4 mg for RLS, i don't understand the logic of this, I'm looking at moving from Ropinirole (should I say my doctor is), but it actually works, well most of the time anyway!!

Any info would be appreciated


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hi Nev, i think its because PD is a lot more serious health condition that RLS, we may not think so at times, but thats what the medical profession do, ive had times when ive felt like jumping of a bridge or something similar, becase of pain, lack of sleep, and depression as a result of RLS. But at least we do get a break from it, whereas PD patients have the tremors non-stop, i dread to think how they cope, i couldnt, so as far as im concerned, they are welcome to the higher dose, i just wish i didnt have to take any.



I am no expert, but as both conditions are linked to Dopamine Levels, i am guessing that PD have a lower dopamine level than RLS. Going above the recommended dose for RLS, doesnt usually help much for RLS, and i would think not a good idea. Maybe thats why your doctor wants you to change your medication. If you have got to such a high dose, then maybe it is causing augmentation, thats where you have to keep upping the dose to get the same relief. No one seems to know why some of the meds mostly the dopamine ones causes augmentation, because as far as i know, but i could be wrong, augmentation doesnt happen to PD people.


Yes, I agree with Elisse. 5 6 or 7 mg seems very high, and I think if you need such a high dosage then yes, your Doc should be encouraging you to change to something else. The highest dosage of Ropinirole I took was 3 mg, and would have tried 4 mg if I hadn't had horrendous augmentation. It's a matter of trial and error to find what works and how much of it to use. I have tried around 12 different meds and am now on the Neupro 24 hour patch (Rotigotine). It has given me my life back after 3 long years, but I know that I may have augmentation with it too, or I may not. I try not to think about it and am enjoying having a life again right now.


I found the comments above very helpful. Thanks! I take ropinirole as well and it often worries me because of the side effects. My doctor has told me that 4mg a day is the limit. After hip surgery resently, the RLS got so bad I had to take up to 6mg ( for 6 weeks ) in order to cope. It is now easing up but I still take 3-4mg a day. 6-7mg would scare me for sure and I would quickly ask my doctor to prescribe another medication.


The reason why the differences in dosages is simple. You are treating two different diseases here. If a lower dose f Requip at 4 to 6 mgs is not helping your RLS, than it is simply not the med for you. For RLS, that is the therapeutic dose. PD has a much higher therapeutic dose because it is treating different symptoms, and 2 different diseases. dopamine is all mixed up in there, but that is where the sinilarity stops. My father had PD for the last 8 yrs of his life, and I took care of him 24/7 until the last year.


My doctor won't prescribe above 3mg. She maintains that this medication was never designed for RLS and is reluctant for me to continue with it especially as most users appear to end up with augmentation.


Well, if 3 mgs do not work for you, then it is probably not the right med for you. Your doctor is right about augmentation. It is the single most common complaint of this drug.


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