Restless Legs Syndrome
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I have had RSL for many years but now sleep well since building up to 3mg of Ropinirole an hour before bed time. Sitting down in the evenings still causes problems so I try to be at the back in meetings or concerts so that I can stand from time to time. I also take a couple of Paracetamol in the afternoon and again in the evening if I am going to be sitting around. If I can fit in an evening walk it helps. I have tried Acupuncture and it did relieve the symptoms, the needle points were along the sides of my legs. I have a lovely partner and when we have a cuddle the pain melts away.

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Hi, Country, you are probably one of the first people who has said that acupuncture actually helped relieve the RLS. I tried it and it didnt really help mine at all. I have seen many posts on other support groups where people have tried it and it didnt help theirs.

I take it you dont have acupuncture anymore....?

But if it helped for a while, i guess thats good, but i know it is a very expensive thing to try, i had 6 sessions and then the acupuncture lady said as its not working then its best to stop, she said i wasnt worth paying anymore money..


I just had 3 sessions but at £37 each I decided to have a break, although I might go back in the future. There are several types of Acupuncture and as I indicated she did look up RLS and found the relevant Acupuncture points in her reference book. I am trying a number of new things including eating bananas and rubbing in Almond oil which have helped others according to the NHS site. I also believe that if one can be sufficiently distracted by a great film or good company it can take ones mind off the pain.


The lady i saw also had RLS, but mildly, she use to use acupuncture on herself when she needed it, she found hers showed when she was tired. So, she did seem to know about RLS and how to use the needles.

Distraction is used by alot of us for our RLS, in lots of different ways.

I eat bananas every day, those dont seem to help much, dont know about the almond oil. But, i always say, if you find something which helps you get relief, then use it, as long as it isnt doing you any harm.


banana i heard of and tried with no success but almond oil souds like its worth a try.thanx alot for that country :)


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