Restless Legs Syndrome

Change your GP

Anyone who is with a GP that wont take RLS seriously should find a new GP fast!!!!

You have a real condition, that even in the non painful variant it is extremely tiring and can damage any chance of a normal life style.

My situation has progressed from non painful and mildly annoying / embarrassing to very painful and completely 'normal' life wrecking, so need a GP's support.

Dont settle folks, you have a right to quality support & treatment from your GP in trying various medications, in various doses, until you find a combination that provides some relief at some level.

In my case that also includes opiates to just 'dull' my system enough to 'semi' pass out when its at its worse. I have had to sacrifice alcohol for this but I find it a good swap! :)

Remember readers there is no cure at present and many of us have 30+ years of life ahead of us, we must have a GP that allows us to manage the symptoms as best suits our situation.

I have changed GP's so speak from experience not from an idealistic view point. I have also made the mistake of moving home and being forced to change a GP. I will never move again from my own choice, a supportive GP is the No1 requirement in my life.

Sleep if you can folks, tonight I envy you :)


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Hi Bob my GP is asking me to do a drug free week! He says the requip (3mgs) a day is now not working. But it does work I just need to take more. Have been desperatly trying to cut down over Easter by halfing my tabs. now have pains in my arms as well as my legs graaaaa. Desp need more tabs. Am going to make appointment to see him on Tues and hopefully he will give me a new prescription even though its not due for another week. Why are we so afraid of our doctors when it is their job to help us? Would they treat us like' stupid people' if we had another disease or a broken leg. Makes me furious!


Hi Daisy, you are in charge! Your GP is there to help you and pain management is probably the biggest part of his\her practice. The trouble is the GP part, i.e they are general, not specialist. You (we) need a specialist to assist the GP.

I get as many referrals to Consultants as possible and make sure they write to the GP with the prescription they expect me to take, this make the GP's job so easy now as responsibility has been taken out of their hands.

Have you had a referral to the Pain Management Team at the hospital? If not please get one, they know drugs and understand pain. For example the Pain team give me a 3 monthly epidural, now the GP would never do that. The epidural works to a degree, I certainly will never miss one!!

If you are not comfortable, change your GP after getting a good supply of the meds you need to see you through the change over.

Stand firm with your GP and say NO, I need these meds. I joke with my doctors, '.....will you give me your home number so if all this goes wrong I can call you at 3am when I am writhing in pain........? They get the picture.

I dated a surgeon some years back an she couldn't handle my RLS as it wasn't visible and she couldn't open me up and cut it out, so you are correct all Dr's are Dr's, its just that some Dr's are good Dr's.

In all this never forget the chemist, I use mine as my Medication Consultant, they know drugs and if you can get them chatting they will express opinions that you can brig up with your GP. They know a chemist knows drugs so they will listen.

Anyway , that's my rant over



Thanks for the reply Bob good to speak to someone that really understands RLS. Ive had it for 20 yrs but only started getting really bad about 5 yrs ago. My doctor is completely unsympathetic but am worried about changing him because from what I,ve heard on here, most doctors are the same. I,ve asked numerous times to see a specialist but he just says there arn,t any on Merseyside but have never thought to ask about a pain management clinic, I know they have one of these as I,ve looked on the internet. I dont get terrible pain just a terrible urge to move my legs all the time. Would this count? Im aching all over today legs, arms and neck but its not terrible pain? Will mention it to him tomorrow (if I can get a appointment) .

Thanks again Daisy.


Yes it will count just up your level of pain as far as he is concerned.

Change your doctor, what have you to loose? Just ask all the local practice's if they have a dr who understands RLS?

Is anyone near you on this site? They may have or know a doctor? Use the near you app on this site. I was in Warrington but too far away from you I guess? Now in Manchester.

Keep talking

if you want 01457 510 959 is my home number




I'm in South Manchester and I've seen quite a few doctors at my group practise and I've never found any of them to be anything other than sympathetic. Maybe you've just been unlucky.


I have lived in Warrington, Crewe, Bolton and Mossley since being diagnosed and have found the knowledge, support and understanding to be very mixed.

My post was about changing your GP if you were unhappy, many people find this difficult and I want those poor sufferers to understand its not and there is better than they currently receive out there.

I dont follow your post on this subject really 'magggzzz',??? How does it help on the subject matter?


Bob M


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