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KT Tapes work perfectly


Hello everyone. I've been a reader but this is my first post. I am a 74 male retired from semi sedentary occupation. I have had restless legs since my early twenties after a 'touch football' accident in Central Park in the late sixties.

I have been through a great deal of different medications - prescribed and over the counter in these fifty years of torment. From the wonderful OTC "Q-Vel" amino tablets now banned in the US, to Parkingson's Disease prescribed drugs to Ivory Soap under my sheet to Ropinirole, Trazadone, and now Pregabalin. This is to say nothing about knee bends and 'cycling' in bed!

I have stopped taking Ropinirole (2MG twice daily) since I have gotten very nauseous in the past couple of years. It was prescribed as a daytime dosage with Pregabalin at night. My drug regimen has not changed so maybe it's something from long consistent use. I have taken two doses maybe three times in the past three months and bad reactions each. I now take Pregabalin (75MG once daily) at night. It may or may not help a lot (been taking it for three years) but always, every night, with the RLS onset, I must slather my legs and my lower back with a topical OTC product like Icey Hot or such. The combination of drug and product seems to help a bit - but certainly not every night. Please forgive the lengthy preface,but some backround i thought would be helpful. (BTW, this forum's contributors are consistently caring, highly knowledgeable and generous in their contributions.)

I have now been using KT Athletic tape stretched and applied to my legs (hip, back of thigh and all down my calf and lower back.) I apply to the areas that are acting up only, so if one leg is ok I do not of course tape it. I have used the KT tape intermittently now for seven months with complete, consistent positive results. Complete. I often do this with a dose of Pregabalin and if very violent, also a bit of the topical medication like Icy Hot.

I do not know if this KT tape has been suggested before on this forum, and if so, fantastic. Use my thoughts as an enthusiastic endorsement by a fifty year sufferer. And if not, I encourage my fellow sufferers to consider this method and God willing it works for you too. Thank you for reading this and good luck!

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Thanks for sharing this. I hope people will find this helpful.

How do you secure it to your leg? Is it applied over 100% of the leg or every six inches or what?

onslowe in reply to davidadill

I apply them vertically - maybe two or three on calf area. No more than three spaced out several inches. KT tapes come in pre cut rolled strips with some kind of adhesive.

davidadill in reply to onslowe

Is the tape reusable or do I need to buy huge rolls?

onslowe in reply to davidadill

They're a bit pricy on Amazon, but in my case, I was/am desparate and thus they are a good value for the relief they afford. $9 to $11 (US) They are not reusable, but I have actually kept them on for two days and more - don't seem to be affected by shower. Relief often continues for a couple of days (if they don't fall off in shower :)

Thank you. Interesting! Definitely worth a try as it may cost a little but furthermore seems rather harmless.

I don't live in the US and am not familiar with all the acronyms. I assume you are writing about kinesio tape? The slightly stretchy but still firm tape applied/used by physiotherapists in as part of their suite of therapies?

Can you add a picture to your post? You cannot do that when you reply,but one can when you start a post.

onslowe in reply to LotteM

Sorry, I'm a bit of a 'dinosaur' with computers. Maybe if you go to Amazon.com or some national variant site and type in "KT Tapes" it might show you. Hope it helps.

I had to give up using KTtape for strains etc because I got a bad reaction to it every time. Rash and itching.

Aldi/ Lidl often have KT tape on sale quite reasonably.

I never thought of using it as a treatment for RLS.

onslowe in reply to Madlegs1

I'd be hesitant in that case. Sorry.

I have not tried KT Tape, but I do tie a Ace Bandages (stretch bands) around my ankles or feet, which helps tremendously. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for sharing. X

I use KT tape for knee issues. You tube videos for differing taping strategies. Also - the PRO KT Tape is MUCH stickier than the regular - it will stay on for many days.

I have been using ace bandage on my calf’s and feet including ankles. Very promising. Hard to get the tension right. Too much and numbness. Not enough and it doesn’t work. I’m still doing it. Very positive results

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