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Bartonella causes restless leg


Hi, my son was just diagnosed with Bartonella in addition to lyme. The doctor said bartonella can cause restless leg (and it’s autoimmune neuropathy). He is currently being treated for this on antibiotics for two weeks and the restless leg is better. There are a bunch of Facebook groups about Bartonella if you want to learn more. I know that you need to go to a Lyme specialist Who has to run specific testing. For example we use galaxy tests for the Bartonella. Also, you can get Bartonella from mosquito bites, not just ticks. Just letting you guys know because it might help someone.

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Wow, am glad something is calming down for your son. I have to say this is a new one for us, though, as far as RLS. Bartonella is a bacteria that can cause many things, like cat scratch fever, etc. SOME people over the years have reported getting relief when on antibiotics, a FEW. But, there is no info on how a bacteria like that could cause RLS. Something to think about.

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