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Venous disease and RLS


My son in law is a vascular surgeon and has told me many of his patients with venous disease suffer from RLS. Treat the disease and the RLS disappears. Venous disease is not always apparent (it's not just unsightly varicose veins) and can only be diagnosed by an ultrasound of the legs. People can have it for years without being aware. I am sure that for the majority of us this won't apply but if it can help just one person it may be worth investigating and ruling out?

See the report above.

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Great news- I've often thought people coming on here don't actually have rls, but something is causing their symptoms.

I well believe it.

Look forward to reading your link- have to go make the dinner now.


Pam, last fall I read about venous insufficiency and RLS, and had some treatments based on my research. I was able to cut back my Mirapex by 1/4 because of that, and take care of my severe (some blocked 90% based on ultrasound readings) venous insufficiency. What I thought was that the symptoms of venous insufficiency are very similar to the symptoms of RLS, so whatever amount was being caused by the venous insufficiency would disappear. I believe that did happen, so now when I hear someone has been diagnosed with RLS I tell them to have sonograms done on their veins. They don’t have to treat venous insufficiency, but at least they’d know the risks of it, and the treatment possibilities available.

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Hi Mona

Yes, that makes sense. It may not help everyone but it sounds like it is worth having an ultrasound done. The option is there for treatment if anything shows up.

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