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I wrote a post recently about my severe rls. I visited my gp today and she wanted me to try this drug called lyrica (or pregabalin). I'm very anxious about trying this new medication (to me, it's always scary trying new drugs!). I'm hoping to hear if it has helped others with rls and fibromyalgia (for those who suffer both, as I have both)?

I don't really have a choice about trying it, as I'm on sick leave and if I don't follow through with the doctor's prescription, I'll have problems with work.. :( Hopefully, this experience won't be too dreadful I hope! *crosses fingers*

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Good luck with it! Please let me know your experience since I’m interested in suggesting to my doctor that I try Lyrica (I’m starting to have trouble again with my symptoms).

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Ok, I will! :)

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Sorry Jess, forgot to say that I have no idea about antidepressants and lyrica

Ηi!I have quit pramipexole due to augmentation.What a dreadful withdrawal! Its 2 months that i have been on lyrica (300 mg divided in 3 doses) and 100mg of tramadol with my 3rd lyrica dose.It has recently started to work!Still have daytime rls symptoms if i lie down but less than it used to be and i also had rls free nights!!!My rls free nights get more and more!!I have asolutely no side effects neither from lyrica nor from tramadol.Good luck!!

Oh, that's wonderful to hear!! I'm happy for you and I hope I'll have similar luck. :) :) Thank you so much for sharing!!

Mariannabelle. I have tried Lyrics twice and both times I put on weight very quickly but remember we are not all the same and hopefully you will be fine. Good luck.

Thank you for your reply. <3 I hope I won't put on too much weight on! That's one of the annoying aspects of many drugs. :(

I have been on Lyrica for about 8 months—it’s a lifesaver! I had severe RLS, now it’s completely gone. It does take a month to begin working, and 2 months to work really well. You’ll notice a gradual difference, not right away, but it is worth the wait—it feels like a miracle drug. I also read that it can significantly help people with nerve pain like fibromyalgia. So don’t wait too long to start.

It can cause some weight gain, around a 7 to 10 lb. gain, but that seems to be the only side affect.

As my neurologist said that appetite increases will level off and stop at around 6 months. I gained 10 pounds, but have now lost 5 since i’ve noticed my appetite is back under control—a small price to pay to be RLS free finally.

There are two tricks to Lyrica that I learned, and it is absolutely vital: take your doses spread out over three times a day, with 7 hours between the morning and afternoon dose due to the 7 hour half life of Lyrica. It can be more than 7 hours at night it seems, as along as the two day time doses are consistently 7 hrs. apart. Keep your doses low like 100 mgs three times a day for severe cases. I take mine at 8 AM, 3 PM, and 10 PM. Also I find it works best, and it was recommended, that it be taken with a second medication like Tramadol.

I screwed up today and missed my 3:00 PM dose. Took it at 4:30, then took my 10 PM dose at 11:30 to compensate. I’m suffering a bit tonight with some RLS in one leg, but even so, it’s very mild compared to what it used to be.

Good luck. It is definitely worth trying.

Thanks so much for your reply. I was feeling really down tonight because it's my second night taking lyrica, and I haven't gotten a wink of sleep yet at it's 5 a.m. here... ;_; I feel very relieved knowing it does take time to begin working... ! Thank you. <3

Ιt does take time!I have been 2 months on lyrica and i have just started having rls free nights last week!Still have rls at daytime.I have been through exactly what you are going though.Feel for you.Try tramadol.

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Hey Bganim,

Interesting to read about your Lyrica experience. So, is this the only RLS you’re on? Tell me, do you know if it’s safe to take with antidepressants?



Bganim1947 in reply to Hidden

Hi Jess,

Yes, Lyrica and Tramadol are the only two prescription RLS meds i’m on and they work so far for me.

The new neurologist I have been seeing from a local hospital movement disorders clinic, who specializes in RLS said I am doing all the right things, which I credit back to my HealthUnlocked peeps and all their expert guidance. She said in her experience when Lyrica works for someone it tends to keep working. She does suggest to lower my Tramadol dosage over time, but only if it’s comfortable for me—love her!!!

I also take 2 iron Bisglycinate capsules with 28 mds of Iron twice a day—afternoon & evening with my Lyrica and Tramadol doses.

And if I do get what so far have only been very mild cases of discomfort, can’t really call it RLS anymore, in one lower leg or the other from over exercise or tiredness, I use MagniLife Relaxing Leg cream on that leg. By the time it dries in a few minutes the discomfort is gone.

I know I probably said all of this in previous posts, but I assume there are always new folks coming onto this forum.

So Jess, feels sweet again at last. This combo may not work for everyone, but it’s worth a try. But remember it takes at least a few months for tour body to acclimate to Lyrica—it’s totally worth the wait because it keeps getting better and better.

But be patient and give it time to work!!!!

Hi. I’ve been taking Lyrica for a few years now. In my opinion it is a wonder drug for pain and also has alleviated my daytime symptoms of RLS. I don’t ever want to be without it. That being said it doesn’t help me with RLS during the night when I am trying to sleep. My RLS kicks in savagely at night. I hope you can find some relief. I do think that Lyrica will help your fibromyalgia. My doctor says it has helped lots of people manage pain. Blessings!

Thank your for your reply. :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed! And I'm glad it has helped you so much!!

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