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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi everyone, for those who have read my previous texts regarding a newby (Lee) to RLS. I have some unfortunate and rather sad news to report. Lee rang me 3 days ago in tears. Her husband couldn't accept the diagnosis of rls even tho the medication she was on had ceased all symptoms. He became quite angry with the money that was being spent on prescription medication for something that he regarded as just something that was in her head, (if only he knew how close he was to the truth of the matter).

So long story short ... the marriage is over. Unfortunately it became quite violent. And if you remember, I had my suspicions way back then and that's exactly why I opted out from making any permanent relationship with Lee.

The only practical advice I could give her was, 'violence should not be tolerated under any circumstance'.

But the good news is, that because she was so certain in her beliefs and accepted the diagnosis of RLS without any hesitation or doubt whatsoever ...... SHE had the strength to actually kick him out. She has promised me that she will now make contact with you guys as she now has control over her phone. I explained to her that she wouldn't have to go thru all of her details again, as I had already filled you in on them. I know I don't have to say this, (but I will anyway), please make her feel so welcome and offer her your understanding and continued support.

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OMG, how utterly contemptible on his part!!!! I actually feel a little nauseated now. How can there there be such people in the world??? But kudos to her for finding her strength!

We will definitely welcome and support her!


Funnily enough, a lady in my neighbourhood just had an article in a magazine about her life with an abusive husband - over now thank God. It's more common than wee like to think. Especially the non-physical, but mentally depleting, denigrating kind. Good for your friend who kicked the dope out!


To Lee,

Welcome to peace of mind and independence.

Believe in yourself and find an interest to pursue, a passion which will fill your inner spaces and give you confidence and courage.



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