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Restless Legs Syndrome
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life long sufferer

I'm new to this site. I have just tried the restiffix foot wraps but couldn't get on with them - not easy to get on and off and they really hurt my feet. I have been on pramipexole for many years and now want to get myself off because of the side effects and any way, they seem to have stopped working. I would like to try CBD oil. Do you just rub this on your legs? How much and how often? Any info greatly appreciated.



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The CBD oil is taken in drops under your tongue held for a minute or two then swallowed.

Remember research well - not all oils are equal.


I do not know about the oil.

But I had been on pramipexol for many years, it was not doing any good any more and I had Augmentation.

I came off it (not easy) and am now taking Pregabalin 100 mg, starting with 50 and 75. After taking it for three weeks, with not much effect, it seems to be working now. I sleep !!!! I hope this keeps on working.


Hi hausbauer, you have done it! You have got through withdrawal and found relief.

Congratulations for being patient with the pregabalin, I think some people try for a week or so then give up and say it doesn't work. As you have found, it does work. I am glad you are sleeping better now and I hope it works for you for a long time.

Best Wishes



I am so happy I am now taking Lyrica for my RLS. After going through horrendous withdrawal from Ropinerole and Gabapentin, I am now pretty much symptom free on 100 mgs Lyrica 3x/day and Tramadol 100 mgs 3x/ day. It took about a month for the Lyrica to become fully operative, but it was well worth the wait. Merry Christmas to the me I used to be!


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