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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Is this augmentation

Dear Everyone

I apologies for writing this if it has been answered else where but I have been looking across the net work to see if my symptoms are augmentation.

I have been on 0.25mg of Ropinerol for about 4 to 5 years now and it has been great. Recently it's stopped working. The symptoms are not massive but enough wake me up once in the night and after a short break I can get back to sleep.

Last night I decided to try a night without the medication and boy want a bad night i had. It felt like I hardly slept.

If this is augmentation could I have some advice on next steps please.



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Hi Simon,

You may find this link helpful: rls-uk.org/news/augmentation


Thanks for the replies. I don't think I am suffering from augmentation as the symptoms are worse when I stop taking them. I just wonder if the RLS is getting worse so I need more medication?

Any thoughts on this will be a great help.



yes, .25 is a low dose and you have some wiggle room. it could be the natural progression of RLS, that does happen a LOT. Don't go over 1 mg of Ropinerole. 2 mgs is max, but better to keep it as low as possible. i do not think you are augmenting on that dose of Ropinerole. My "educated" guess is that it is the RLS progressing.


Hi you are on a low dose of Ropinerole. only 0.25mgs. So, you have room to increase it if you need to. As you are only getting woken in the night at the moment i doubt its augmentation yet. Either you have just got used to that dose or your RLS has progressed. Not a good idea to just stop the med as you found out. You would have been having withdrawals all night. The highest dose that is now recommended to take for Ropinerole is just 1mgs no higher.


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