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Sorry i have not posted for a while but i do still read all posts etc.Life is so good at the moment that i have been busy doing all the things that in my dark days on pramipexole i never got to do. I still have some bad days and i know i will get them but NOTHING like i had before,i do feel that for now i,ve got my life back and still taking each good day as they come.Fingers crossed a cure can be found soon for us all and after the news today stamp out terrorism thoughts are with them today take care all

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I was actually thinking about you last night Nick and was wondering how you were. So good to hear things have improved so much for you. It's great to read some good news today after all the horror of London Bridge.

Take care


Like you Nick I am doing ok it's a bit up and down but I am having a lot of good night, I think I have had my share of the BAD nights after 47 yrs. I am on the patch and tramodol good luck to you all x


Hi Nick, good to hear from you and that things are still going well for you. Yep, those bad days can still happen. Life is short, so keep enjoying all that makes you happy. x

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Great News ! So pleased for you Nick xx


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