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Restless Legs Syndrome
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RLS - Stop drinking tea

Just watched the RLS programme and can relate to their pain. I know this won't work for everyone but it worked for me and for a friend of mine. I stopped drinking tea and it has completely gone away. I had it for years in my legs and then started getting it in my arms when trying to sleep. When I stopped drinking tea it went away almost overnight. I hope this helps someone with RLS.

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That is quite common- tea is a stimulant and causes excitability in the limbs. Many foods will do the same.


+1 on what Madlegs1 says. I've been caffeine free and now drink decaff coffee, (still a little caffeine in it) as it didn't seem to change my symptoms.


That's a shame if it hasn't changed your symptoms. Bizarrely I still drink caffeinated coffee and I don't get RLS anymore. It just seems to be tea that affects me!


I never trusted tea - my grandmother drank it all her life as did her mother and father and they all died! In fact I would say the numbers of people who have drank tea and died at some point in the future are staggering.

Tea the greatest killer of our time!


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