RLS specialist in SE London/Kent?

Hi - does anyone know of a specialist in RLS? My mum had a knee replacement recently and is getting no rest at all. GP seems at a loss and my poor Dad is bearing the brunt of all her frustration (which is understandable). I think I need to take her to a specialist as she feels nobody understands her or is taking it seriously - although we are doing our best. They are based in Orpington in Kent and I will pay for the appointment if I have to! Thanks!

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  • See my reply on thepost 42 below this one. Title of the post is To find the one.

  • Thank you!!

  • Nix,

    In case you cannot find Pippins posting to which she is referring, this is the information:

    Dr K Ray Chauduri at

    Kings College Hospital London Has a long waiting list

    Dr Huys

    Movement Disorders Clinic at

    Institute of Neurology

    University College London ( UCI )

  • Thank you v much! I've made some enquiries 😊

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