Restless Legs Syndrome
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Ropinirole and gabapentin but still in pain with rls

I have been taking ropinirole for a year now and it completely prevents my jerky legs. However I have been in a lot of pain with my rls that my doctor has put me on 200mg of gabapentin but I am still in pain which is preventing a good nights sleep. Is this a normal dose of gabapentin to have along side ropinirole? As from what I have read this dose seems quite low???

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I'm on strong doses of opiates and still have pain. Unfortunately for some people, (read most) pain is an extremely difficult part of any condition to control.

Have you spoken to your Dr about it? You might find a lot of resistance looking pain drugs, (if you are lucky you wont).

It does seem like a low enough dose I went to the max dose and all it did was make me hungry.


Gabapentin should be started at a low dose and titrated up. 900 per day is the max effective dose for rls. People go higher for neuropathic pain relief - up to 3600. Gaba is not well processed in the stomach and at high doses gives some people severe side effects. Horizant is an alternative which avoids a lot of these problems.

Avoid magnesium at same time as gaba- 3 hrs apart.

If the Ropinerol is relieving your restless legs , I'm not sure where the pain is coming from. I suspect there is more going on than just rls.



Thanks for your advice. I am on 200mg gabapentin at night only. Which is why I thought it may be a low dose. I started off at 100mg at night. My doctor is referring me to a neurologist so I guess I will just have to wait and see the outcome.


Your doctor is correct in starting you off low.

Good luck with the neurologist.


I've been on Dec for a few yrs now and I've not had any bother since only problem is they're addictive but it's worth that


Meant to sayDHC ,Dihydracodeine


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