Can anyone explain this mystery? I have had a bad cold and was dreading the need to walk around all day whilst feeling so rotten. But my rls was nonexistent for several days. Now I'm on the mend it has reappeared. This happened last time I was ill. Can't think what I've done differently other than drinking more so I'm knocking back the fennel tea but it's not working.

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  • I am sure I have read on here, this has happened to other forum members when they have felt quite unwell ie flu/fever/very bad migraine, their RLS has not bothered them but on getting well again, their RLS returns.

  • That's interesting. Were you taking any cold medicine during your cold? Were you on a different sleep schedule during your cold?

    Perhaps when your immune system is ramped up it somehow diminishes your RLS. Regardless, glad to hear you get a break when you have a cold!!

  • Only sucked a few throat sweets and inhaled Vick in hot water

  • Have you considered repeating that regime even without the cold - just to see if it works again.?


  • Madlegs1 That's what I'm trying to do but I did have to go shopping today. After a week indoors the food had run out. Actually, the rls is pretty good but the violently jerking legs at night is worse. I was up from3am this morning.

  • Hi LoisTonya, that truly is a mystery! I would have asked the same question as Madlegs1...just to see. It's almost as if your body knows how much it can handle and it chooses either the cold or the RLS, but not both. How considerate...

  • It is a strange one and has been asked many times, but no one really knows the answer. One theory is, the brain is working on sending antibodies for the cold/flu etc and so leaves the RLS alone.

  • I have had the same thing happen to me recently. I went down with the Noro Virus and was extremely ill but no RLS at all. Very strange.

  • Seems worth researchers investigating the connection

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