Tapering off Gabapentin 900mg

Does anyone have advice on tapering off 900mg Gabapentin. I have been on this dose at night for PLMD and restless legs for about five years now I think. I have recently developed vertigo and my GP having eliminated all other possibilities thinks it could be related to the gabapentin, so he has advised me to start reducing my dosage to see if it helps, when I asked how to do this he said start by taking off 300 mg each night and see how it goes, I was wondering if anyone else has any experience of coming off them as I gather the side-effects pretty nasty, and if anyone is going to suffer them it will be me! I appreciate we are not doctors on here, but I would be grateful for any advice or feedback anyone could offer please? I live in the uk

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  • Sorry that should read taking off 300mg at night (not each night) 🙄

  • 900 is at the lower end of Gabapentin dose. Going down by 300 for say a week should be ok. It comes in 100 dose so if you're apprehensive you could ask for some of those and go down by 100 every 3 days.

    It is the fear of the fear that can frighten us most.

    Go for it.😎

  • Thank you that's reassuring 👍

  • Sorry you have virtigo,I get it as well when you turn over in bed is the worst ,I take Cinnarizine they are great,it's funny after 5 years he thinks it's the other tabs because virtigo is an ear prob which causes balance probs,hope it soon goes but what about your rls x

  • That's what I'm worried about, they aren't great even with the medication 😳

  • I had managed to work up to the highest dose of Gabapentin with no noticeable effects on the RLS, so I stopped dead! I was in a bad way at that time and can't honestly say I noticed any major or indeed any withdrawal symptoms.

    Has the Dr given you anything for the RLS as you are coming off the Gabapentin?

  • It helped a little bit to begin with then I think my body got used to the dose. GP doesn't know much about the medications so will probably have to wait to see neurologist which is over a 3 month wait 😕

  • Don't get your hopes up with the neurologist!!!! I've met one that knew nothing about RLS!

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