Restless Legs Syndrome
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its me again,how you doing ?,good news they are doing a prog about rls I see you have your name down where is it being held,have you ever been to a meeting in London,be nice to meet all those we write to,I am not doing bad at all not perfect results but better,do you think 2 tabs 50 mg would make me sleepy I don't go the day without having a nap and that's not me Hope Freddy is getting better x

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Hi Beady,yes Tramadol can cause drowsiness in some people even the next day.They didnt work for me but if you are getting good a good nights sleep I suppose you have to weigh up the side effects .I have not been to the London meeting but hope to one year but its a ood distance gor me so I would need at least one night stay in a hotel,possibly two . Freddie has had his stitches out today and is walking normally now,thanks for asking.Sleep well ..Pipps x

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Hello , I also take TRAMADOL 50 mg tabs, one at 5:30 pm and another at 11:30 pm and that schedule has been working wonders for me. I too have been getting sleepy during the day lately, a bit uncommon for me but I just can't keep my eyes open, I thought it might be the TRAMADOL now that I found my perfect schedule and perhaps there's enough in my system to work all day, I don't really know but I have to nap as well. It actually feels good because when I awaken, about 20 min. or less, I feel very refreshed.


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