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Advice please - anyone used Vital Tones

Hi just wondered if anyone else has received an unsolicited email from a Company called 'Vital Tones' offering free downloads for RLS treatment & if so have you used their treatment??

I was going to give this a go until I checked the small print which says that they will extract lots of data from your device (Ipad or Iphone) that they will then use/share as they see fit.

I was always told if it looks to good to be true it usually is but then again I may just be becoming very cynical or just over tired as my RLS has kept me awake for the last few nights again.

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I've used this although I have stopped as I am in too much pain to sit with it.

My Mrs is adamant that my RLS was lessened when I used it. I have it in my legs, arms and torso so maybe it works better for just the legs which was what my Mrs said.

You have two programmes to listen to on alternate days and you sit and meditate playing these sounds, (which I can't do at present).

If you contact the maker he is very approachable and will answer any questions you may have.

I have been threatening to use it again so if you want I will make a good effort to do so and report back to you?

If you look up binaural beats and hte like you will see that sounds can have a tremendous effect on us.

Idoser make 'digital drugs' - sounds that are meant to bring about a state like a particular drug - LSD, heroin, etc. I have tried them and although I did not get high there is a half hour one called Hand of God which did help me trance way out.

Binaural Beats:


There has been many posts and comment on here in the past about Vital Tones. Do you mean you had a email in your own personal email address or a PM sent to you on this forum. ?


I had a TENS Machine supplied for me through workcare years ago and it was great for pain relief in combination with prescription medication. It no longer works.

Now with this RLS AND RAS AND BACK AS WELL AND THE FLARE UPS...IT IS DEBILITATING. I am also in Winter where I live, and that always plays havoc on me as I have both Osteos.

Now, I have borrowed another TENS MACHINE until I can buy my own after my next Pension and last night was the first night in months that I was not standing up and shaking my arms and walking on the spot. The night before I was walking on the spot and knitting while I was watching a movie. I thought this is ridiculous. Over 4 hours I took 4 valium and still nothing. Mind you I am also on 400 mgs of TRAMAL SR a day as well as a high dose of zoloft.

My doctor and I discussed this and she came up with HYPERREFLEXIA possibly due to SERONTONIN SYNDROME and I was supposed to lower my dose to 150 mg zoloft a day but so far I haven't as I have to get through a murder trial in August. My 20 year old Granddaughter was murdered in 2013 and my dose was put up from 150 mg to 200 mg zoloft a day because I was sort of not coping with it all.

Anyway this is what the particular TENS MACHINE I AM GETTING IS RECOMMENDED FOR. THERE ARE OTHER TYPES FOR Various things including labour pains.

This is a cut and past from one of the models .

For diagnosed pain

♦ Chronic pain relief

♦ Acute pain relief

♦ Targeted pain relief♦ Circulation

♦ Reduced fluid retention

♦ Improved mobility♦ Relaxation

♦ Sleep assistance

♦ Premenstrual stress

As a key part of a pain management strategy

♦ Osteoarthritis

♦ Joint pain

♦ Back pain

♦ Neck pain

♦ Shoulder pain♦ Nerve pain

♦ Sciatica

♦ Neuralgia

♦ Muscle pain

♦ Muscle spasm♦ Knee pain

♦ Hip pain

♦ Hand or foot pain

♦ Period pain

♦ Tension headache

Between visits to the pain clinic

ActivBody advantages:

•You may use ActivBody with other pain management techniques such as pharmaceuticals or meditation

•TENS is free from drug-related side effects and does not interfere with medication

•The therapy is not limited to a 30 minute session at a clinic but may be used for sustained lengths of time, everyday

•We recommend use on-demand - you cannot overdose or become addicted

•Our unit is small, discreet and weighs a tiny 25 gm; it can be carried in your pocket or fit in a custom designed lanyard

Within the limits of your medical condition, you are free to sit, walk, work, sleep and play while experiencing ActivBody pain relief.

Now, I tick most of those boxes, and even though I did not sleep with it on last night, I had one of the best night's sleep for a long time.

I have compared quite a few of these and the one I was originally going to get has an inbuilt rechargeable, I have enough trouble keeping my phone charged so I changed my mind and I am going for a model that uses 9 Volt batteries...that way I can take a spare battery with me just in case.

I have read many reviews of quite a few of the various models as I am not going to be sucked into just one type. The Active is 25g and small and the one I am getting is a bit bigger but with an arm band that I can have it on my arm

A couple of weeks ago I had the worst attack of RLS and RAS I have ever had. That took over a week to settle down then last week I had another attack, not as severe and it always takes days to lessen. Then 2 nights ago was my breaking point, and this TENS machine is really helping. It is now 5 pm, and usually I feel the sensations starting around 11 am.... so far so good.

This might just mean I will be able to reduce my Pain medications as well and that is an added bonus. After August/September I will also be able to reduce the Zoloft as well. So I think having my own machine is going to pay off in many ways.


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