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Restless Legs Syndrome
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I read the long article about how mice convert one chemical to another and how dopamine receptors react when they get all the chemicals they need to stop me from twitching 24 hours a day if I don't take one dopamine agonist or another and how some day they won't work.

I live in the USA, near Chicago IL but am a native of Appalachia, Eastern Middle Tennessee, where it is almost normal to have RLS as an inherited condition.

I had a headache before I finished the article filled with studies and conversions and mixtures doing the job of the dopamine agonist.

Please someone--anyone, analyze the article and tell me what products I need to take daily that will eventually let me stop the current madness of drugs to sleep, drugs to stay alert and drugs to stop the reaction to the last drug I took.

Natural products, diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, religion, prayer and kicking to neighbors dog off my lawn hasn't stopped the jerking and twitching that drives me mad.

If anyone can boil it down for me, please do.



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This has gotten way over my head!

Rats aside, what does it mean for RLS sufferers?

Is this still at the research level, or is it actually a fact?

Is this available and safe to use?


Sorry, should have gone back to previous posts before I replied.

Blame it on sleep deprivation!


Where is the article you are referring to???


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