Restless Legs Syndrome
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I'm not sure I have restless leg syndrome, although the name of the syndrome perfectly describes my leg. I do not match many of the symptoms on the website especially since i do not experience this at all at night, but I have this weird tendency to shake my left leg whenever i am sitting down in class for a long period of time. When I force myself to stop i get this weird uncomfortable feeling almost like an annoying tickle but not exactly a tickle, its hard to describe.

Is this normal and does anyone on here get this?

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Faye, do you have the urge to move your leg, that is one of the most important parts to knowing you have RLS. ? Trying to stop the urge to move your leg is near impossible. How long have you been thinking you do have RLS. Have you seen your doctor about it. There are conditions which mimic RLS. So you need a doctor who can diagnose you with the correct condition.

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I really strong urge yes, most times I just feel like i have to move my leg. I only found out about RLS a few days ago and since then felt it might explain what I've been feeling. Never realized it was serious enough to see a doctor as I feel no pain.


Pain isnt always a symptom to have RLS. Normally people will see their doctor to get diagnosed. If you do have RLS and its not disrupting your sleep then its not usual to need any meds for it. But i would see you doctor and discuss your symptoms and see what they say. As there are other conditions that mimic RLS.


Hi Faye, My RLS started when I was in my late teens. I see from your profile you are 17 so I would be about the same age as you when it started. In the evening and especially if I was tired I just did not know what to do with my legs and felt I had to move them about to get some relief. I had no idea what is was at the time and I had no problems then with getting to sleep but as the years went on it started to affect me as soon as I went to bed. I now take Pramipexole and recently added co codamol to keep it manageable.

There appears to be many reasons why we develop RLS one of which is low iron levels so if you do go to see your doctor he may do a blood test to see if this is the reason for you. I don't really know why I developed it as my iron levels are fine and I have no one else in my family who has it.

From what you say it sounds like RLS to me as the overriding symptom of RLS is the uncontrollable urge to move your legs. However do go and see your doctor so you can get the right diagnosis.

Good luck.



having the weird tendency to shake your leg (or movement of your leg) is a good indication of having rls. having another feeling like you do of something crawling in or on your legs. ..yes , that may be another good indicator. You probably do have it.

For further reading that is simple to understand, go to

If you think that the shoe fits then go to the doctor and discuss it. Good Luck.


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