hi everyone out there, just a quick question if anyone can answer it, been taking 750micro repinarole but had to wean down (got augmentation) my GP is going to try me on pramipexole 0.88mg & gabapentin but don't no how to or when to take this med, do I wean myself of repinarole altogether or can I take the pramipexole along side it with the gabapentin, my GP told me but he told me that much stuff I've forgotten what he said, would appreciate an answer from anyone I am also taking trazadone at night 1tablet thanks

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  • Hi Connie, you should be able to just switch from the Ropinerole to the Pramipexole as both are dopamine meds. That has been my own experience when trying a new dopamine med. I know some doctors say to wean down from one while adding the new one. If in doubt, phone and see what your doctor did say to you.

  • hi Elisse been weaning down my repinarole now on 750micro +I take 1 trazadone, at night While weaning down its been a nightmare in my arms in fact all over my body the neuro said after 5days to change over well its been 5days now so going to just swap my repinarole for the pramipexole 0.88mg to start with then gradual take the gabapentin, got an appointment with a GP (waited 3wks to see him)on Friday for something completely different will ask him when to take the gabapentin+ if its ok to carry on with the Trazadone thanks again for your reply SUE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • You have to get directions from your doctor how to do this, depending on how she/he wants you to do it. Can't believe directions are not on the bottles. That is why I always take notes because I do not trust myself to to remember everything. ;) They are both the same drug class and the gabapentin is added in, at a low dose I assume, but you need to find out when he means for you to take the gabapentin.

  • no instructions on the bottle at all your GP tells you that much you completely forget what they say,got an appointment on Friday to see a GP( waited 3wks to see this GP)for something completely different might ask him about the meds

  • Hi Connie

    You should speak with your gp. You are mentioning three drugs here so you should have it clearly in your mind as to what to do with them and when. I am sure this can be sorted over the phone. We have a system at our surgery where we can leave a message with our GP via the receptionist for our GP to call us.

    Your GP will understand, he would rather you call so you know what you are meant to be doing.


  • thanks going to see him on Friday for something else will mention it to him,(this is the same GP I sent all the bumf to about RLS & augmentation

  • Good idea, Connie. I wish you well with your appointment. Stay calm. Let us know how you go on.


  • My PD nurse said if swapping from one Dopamine agonist to another it is ok to just stop taking the old one and start the new on with no gradual weaning or titration of the new one providing that the dose strengths are roughly equal.

    0.88mg is the smallest dose of Pramipexole

  • thanks I am just going to swap over do you know what the equivalent dose is? at the moment I'm taking 750micro repinarole how do you compare 0.88mg to this Is it less or more would love to no

  • I can't help you with doses. This is one for the professionals. The only thing I can say is that you won't be taking 750 micro ? According to the following link tablets are available as follows -

    Prescribing Information

    Rx Only

    Ropinirole Tablets, USP

    0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg, 2 mg, 3 mg, 4 mg and 5 mg.

    Where mg is milligrams Don't know what USP means.

    The link is

  • thanks will look on the link you have sent

  • hi Pete-1 been on this site doesn't tell you anything about the equivalent of the drugs

  • Connie, remember the new recommended dose for Pramipexole is now only to take no more than 2 pills. Because of augmentation, they would prefer people to keep the dose as low as possible.

  • will take that on board Elisse do you no what the equivalent is to repinarol? I no that 0.88mg is the lowest dose for pramipexole but what is this compared to repinarole I have put a post out but no one seems to no

  • I havent a clue, but its usual to always start with the lowest dose first of any med so one 0.088mg, then if that doesnt work you would take 2 of those and that is all they recommend now. You need to ask your doctor when you take the Gabapentin, that is usually taken at night with your Prami. What dose has he given you for that med. Connie, always check with your doctor see what he says, even tho i know he doesnt know He might want you to take the Gabapentin at a different time. Check check check first. x

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