Hi, I did try a few months of just putting up with it, trying the 'mind over matter'!!! but just could not sleep it drove me crazy, had to go back to GP who then put me on Gabepentin 100mg, did'nt do anything so he put it up to 300mg x 3 daily. Although I do get some sleep they make me feel spaced out in the day so only take one in the morning and one at night, still with two if I am sat watching tv or in the car with my husband I could quite easily nod off! been on them for about 3 wks now. I still get the pains and tugging n pulling sensations in my legs as soon as I sit! so annoying. I have noticed in the past few days that my stomach has been so bloated and uncomfortable, don't know if this is to do with the tabs, anyone else on these?

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  • Hi, I tried gabapentin but did not work for me.Some people find pregablin(lyrica) works better as its stronger. What else have you tried? Gabapentin can cause fluid retention/bloating as can preganlin.I sugfer from dreadful fluid retention and these meds made it worse.

  • Have you considered mirapex or requip? I have been taking mirapex for 9 years and it works wonders. It is non habit forming, non narcotic. The only side effects besides a great nights sleep and day relief is a slight upset stomach when I began taking the medication, but all I had to do to feel better was lay down but after about a week it stopped. Seriously, it is amazing.

  • I take pregabalin and don't have side effects although it doesn't treat RLS at all but is good for chronic nerve pain.mirapex didn't do a thing so guess we are all different

  • Hi there- I take max dose of roprinerole- it's what I call a magic tablet!!! No twitching at all!!! I also take pregbalin 3 a day before bed. Not noticed any bloating but I think it would be a small price to pay for a good nights sleep! Hope you get your medication right it's just trial and error until you find the one for you x

  • Hello Flossy58fly

    I have taken Gabepentin and Pregabolin and after checking the side effects on the internet, I could realized that I had several of the severe symptoms that were listed and the bloating was really bad with both drugs. I had to change back to Ropinirole and along with the Rotigotine patch, I am now under control with little or no side effects. Hope this helps you, I don't intend to take any other drugs until I've thoroughly checked them out on the internet sites.

  • hi, I have been taking gabepentin for about 2 years now, 300 mgs a day twice a day. I don't take the one in the morning as I sometimes need to take more than 1 at night. If I take 1 capsule at about 9 pm I find that this has a good effect and I don't suffer with the restless legs. If I take the capsule later, I may have to take 2 or even 3 to alleviate the irritation. Taking this at 9pm assists with my sleeping, I do take amytriptalene as well, and I dont feel hung over the next day. On work days I have to be awake by 5.40am at the latest and I am ok at this ungodly hour. I would suggest that you may have to persevere for a few weeks to see any effect. Good luck

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