Restless Legs Syndrome

I think i might have R.L.S

Hi there, im kinda new with this so im not sure how this works.

So 2 or 3 weeks ago i started feeling something going trough my legs, arms , hands and feet. sometimes i feel it trough my back aswell, but it feels like theres going something trough me or on me, like .. bugs i ques .. or insects, so i went to the doktor and he said i just have a 'dry skin' and said the feeling i feel is just 'in my head' but now for week my dry skin is gone, i walk like 1 hour a day, and obviously go also to friends or family. but now an hour ago i checked symtoms of RLS and took this 'online test' and it sounds so formiliar.. also they it said something about your 'rem sleep' wich i have problems with ( i have sleep paralises very often ). when i lay in bed i cant stop moving, when im standing i take these little steps my mom and some friends day im a 'jitterbug' so my question is to you guys, what do you think ? also do you need more info ? thnks in advance :>

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Sounds like RLS there us no cure but symptoms can be treated, look at my Facebook page 'rls do you suffer'


Lay in bed, can't stop moving. Feels like bugs in my legs. That's RLS.



Can't stop moving is rls classic symptom. get on some medicine if you

aren't getting sleep. I was against medicines and now I wonder why. When it

goes into my upper legs I go nuts all night long. It can go everywhere. It needs

to have a name change.


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