Restless Legs Syndrome
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Talk about deja vu!

I searched Google for info on anyone else taking 2,700 mg of gabapentin for RLS and one of the first links that came up directed me back here to a post I made around Father's day. Seems back then I was also on 1,800 mg and thinking about going up. I wonder what happened. I have no recollection of it. Did I try it and it didn't work? Or did it work, but the side effects were too intrusive? When will I learn to keep track of these things? Wait, I think I've said that before.

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keeping a record helps immensely...that way you won't waste any time

repeating combos or single dosages...

It's one of those things that is a pain but is necessary...

You study are up to your ears in keep it simple..

the record keeping..some meds take a long time to kick in or to build up

so give it some time there. I like deja vu...I have had the experience a time or

two myself..=)


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