Restless Legs Syndrome

RLS is a health and safety risk in the workplace environment, is this reason enough to dismiss someone ?

I read with interest that the opinion is that RLS is covered by equality legislation. However I am an Engineer in a factory and have been told today that the company cannot allow me to continue in my current role due to "health and safety concerns".. I have one month to find alternative employment or else I get served one months notice under their capability policy.. I desperately need help.

On the one hand i have been through hell with this employer, giving me degrading work, no work.. accusing me of substandard workmanship amongst other strategies to get rid of me since they realised the issues with RLS and on the other it does give me a good salary and a living.

The bottom line is that they did not read the medical report when they employed me, where I had declared my RLS. Now it is a problem and they want a flexible Engineer capable of working all hours and I don't fit the bill so they want rid of me.

They are unscrupulous, smiling assassins.. Can anyone help me please, i need advice on how to proceed.

Much as though I hate the job, i fear without being able to drive or operate machinery, my chances of finding meaningful employment are virtually nil until my RLS is controlled.

If there is an employment solicitor with RLS I would really appreciate your help.

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Hi, i see you have no comments yet. Looking at your profile at what meds you have tried, have you tried the opiates..? As for your situation at work, i would recommend you go to the Citizens Advise, and see if they can help you and advise you.... thats if you live in the UK.


I ma seeing my specialist on Monday, from previous discussions opiates are the next step. Do you have experience of them?

With regards to the work situation, that seems a great suggestion.. thank you


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