Hi, just joined rls as I needed to do something to occupy me until the rest of the world wakes up.! Very interesting reading all the info, advice, experiences of others. I only recently started to experience rls in the form of what feels like electrical surges and nerve end tingling in my legs and arms.I haven't done any exploring as yet to ease my symptoms, except to talk to my GP. WHO WAS A LITTLE BEMUSED TO SAY THE LEAST !

Was it the tramadol I recently started to take to relieve the pain in my arm following a fall? or was it nerve damage itself as a result of the fall? Or some other cause.It's been helpful reading all your comments, offerings etc. Thanks

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  • Hi Nightshift and welcome. I too am occupying myself until as you say "the world wakes up". Just arrived in the States from the UK on a family visit so I'm wide awake at 3am. But what joy, no pain thanks to recently being prescribed Tramadol so how interesting that you think your RLS might be due to taking Tramadol (I get pain rather than more typical RLS sensations) I reckon my problems are down to nerve damage as I also have bladder issues which the specialist attributed to nerve malfunction. Sounds like you are in the UK so if your symptoms get worse and you go back to your GP dont let he/she put you on Amitriptyline, it does more harm than good and can make it worse. Anyway, hope you got some sleep in the end and that your symptoms don't get any worse. Stay in touch with us.

  • Thanks Dollis ...I did finally log up some much needed sleep at 4.00am .till 8.00am

    I'll certainly avoid the Amitripline. I'm hoping to find organic relievers and life style changes, rather than drugs..I'm considering doing a few hours of DIY (quiet decorating ) to pass the time and bring on a deeper level of fatigue which might over ride the RLS .....i'LL TRY ANYTHING . Thanks again

  • Hi

    Regarding to being occupied until the world wakes up, I enjoy searching on net, watching my Favorite movies, drinking nice green tea, watching some of my favorite channels on satellites or doing my emails. The bad part is when I go to sleep my wife wakes up ! :(

  • Hi, yes all of those! I'm planning some quiet decorating for tonight. Better than screaming !

  • I believe my rls was triggered by nerve damage in the spine - I've had two ops over 40 years, heaps of trouble in between and various areas of neck and legs which lose feeling. So on-going and life-long. However I'm totally pain-free at this time apart from my odd twinges which i've always had. My rls is intermittent and several years go by without it dominating - my latest and worst bout was in January after a cervical spine op but managed to get this under control with mag phos and cocodamol and i can live with the odd jumpy leg! Unlike many sufferers whose rls is constant and life-changing. Until we get some serious research though none of us can be sure of the triggers and exactly what causes rls. By the way I totally agree with Dollis about Amitriptyline and it does weird things to your head.

  • Hi, thanks for your endorsement re: Amitriptyline. Pleased you're now in remission, and I think you're right, speculation as to the triggers may well be coincidental, and yes funded research must be the starting point in all of this.

  • My rls, I believe, was due to a full hysterectomy and the impact it had. It was meant to be the door to a new fitter life, (the new woman thing - ha!), when in actual fact, due to post-op complications and slow recovery, it was a trap-door that led off a cliff. I feel I have been trying to climb back up the cliff-face, but every so often someone treads on my hands and down I go again. I cant recall anything of a rls nature before this, so I go with this link. Doctors are loath to commit to any reason, because most are not up with the latest theories. For sure, it is a difficult, miserable pain. There are some real battlers on this web site; thanks to all who keep the spirit going.

    btw jean stones deserves better - disgusting article.

  • Interesting to hear of a number of people whose RLS was triggered by ops or other trauma. My own started during pregnancy, which I've heard is quite common. If it's any help, I try to keep mine under control by avoiding dairy, caffeine and alcohol.

  • I'm encouraged by the response to my very recent joining ...and whilst it doesn't relieve the symptoms, knowing others are faced with similar trials and life changing symptoms is helpful.

    Thanks All

  • I wonder if my sister's hip operation recently has triggered her to have RLS as she has never complained about it before. I have been wondering lately whether my RLS is connected to arthritis because I am sure I read it somewhere on a list of symptoms but can't now find the website. I have a lot of joint and muscle pain as well as the jiggly legs.

    It was suggested on this site to avoid chocolate (such a shame!) but I began to notice that chocolate was making my RLS worse I guess that's the caffeine.

    It can be very lonely at night when you feel you are the only one awake at least nightshift you know you're not.

  • Thanks for the tip........WOT !!! NO NIGHT TIME CHOCOLATE!!!..Oh well I suppose if I must.

    I've just had the worst night ever in my short history of RLS..It's 7am and I have been in and out of bed all night and not slept at all.

    Nothing seems to work at the moment and that includes me! and that camomile tea sure is an acquired taste.

  • Hi, jigglylegs , RLS is not related to arthritis, joint and muscle pain isnt either. But the pain from those could make the RLS feel worse.

  • I ended up taking the drugs because nothing I tried such as hot baths worked anymore. So far they still work mostly but that's not to say I don't get ever get the RLS. It's still there but manageable most of the time. Hope you soon find something that works for you and also that its not the chocolate thats making it worse.

  • Hi nightshift , I'm in care do I do the nightshift and I too have restless legs !! But only my when I'm sitting down and on the nightshift !! At first I was told to eat bananas and then told it was dehydration , it's driving me mad ATM .

    Haven't been to doctors

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