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Bad time to quit?

I’ve picked a really bad time to quit. Today is day 4. Next week it’s my mums funeral. She had cancer but never smoked or drank but she hated smoking and I don’t want to smoke at the funeral or be desperate to do so. So far it’s been easier than expected with patches and mints. I haven’t even got a patch on today and only had one nRT mint. I gave up 18 months ago but never managed to stop vaping. This is also expensive and long term nobody knows what harm it does. I was only on the cigs for a week up it had crept back to 20 a day. This time I’m hoping to stop smoking and vaping too! If I can get through Wednesday I’m sure I’ll be fine!

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Hi Pedro1, how are you getting on? Congratulations on quitting, you have done exceptionally well. Do let us know how you are doing. Anna@Quit4Life


Pedro . . . what would you're mum want you to do? Certainly not smoke and you have managed to get this far so stop finding an excuse to smoke and get some support. I hope you get through the funeral and stay away from the smoking mourners after the service. Look after yourself mate. Robin

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I had a few set backs. It’s been a very stressful time since Xmas. I didn’t get on with the patches at all so o decided to try the e cigs and getting on much better. Doesn’t feel like I’ve quit though!