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Push Yourself

Week one in the bag

Hello world, 

Finished week one today, W1R3 in the bag. Congrats to everyone out there who reached the goal for the day.  I had three rest days in a row due to a road trip, so Runs 1-3 kicked my but. Then I felt a good rhythm starting. There's nothing like running on a dirt road past farm fields with the wheat grass dancing in the wind, song birds singing and the rush of the water in the creek cheering my on. Just me, myself and I. When  I got home I decided to walk the half mile to town to get the mail. On my way there I walked past the town "gym".   I had never been in the place just drove by. On my way back the gal who runs the place was unlocking the door for the day. She recognized I was in workout clothes and asked if I would like to check it out. Because in a town of only 500 people she knew I had never in the place.  I figured it was providence, so I accepted the invite. Long story a little shorter, she asked me to stay for her class which was a cross between weight training and circuit training. She said "it's on the house" again I accepted her invite. There were only 5 ladies. Although I was sweating like a stuck pig by the end, It was great! Now I need to convince my husband the monthly fee is worth it. I'll reason with him that it cost a heck of a lot less than a tractor part. I know I'm a little long winded today but it was such an awesome day I had to share it. I hope it gives encouragement the newbies. Success is out there, dig for it like a hidden treasure. 

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Your gym sounds a real find!  I hope you can find the dosh as it will be a good investment in the long run ☺  investing in your health and fitness is always a good idea.