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New challenge

New challenge

I had actually printed out the '100 push up challenge ' from elsewhere ( the original version I think)  with a plan to DO it.. ( as an interesting experiment)  - after the initial assessment seems they suggest I start at week 3.. err NO way!!! 

So I think I'll at the very beginning ( a very good place to start) 

..SOOOOO wanted to follow that with... ( when you read you begin with a,b,c , when you sing you begin with do, re, mi.. )  Curse you Maiirreee  Poppinshhh.. 

So I'm going to TRY and ensure my ' form' remains as 'authentic'  as Dick van Dyke's 'cockerney accent'  .. err then again maybe not..

So if anyone is passing through London and you look up to the skies and see a strange figure on the rooftops and you think.. they are doing PRESS ups?

‘Up where the smoke is All billered and curled

'Tween pavement and stars Is the chimney sweep world

When there's 'ardly no day, Nor 'ardly no night

There's things 'alf in shadow And 'alf way in light 

On the roof tops of London Corrrr, what a sight! 

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Very funny.  I will look at the roof top as I go out.  I can't do full push ups. I had a frozen shoulder last year and I have to take it gently.  I do assisted ones on my knees and using a step, they seem to work for me, I have to watch my back position but I think that's the same with any push up.  Good luck. 

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I just realised I mixed up my 'julie andrews' films.. Yes , reduced press up sounds sensible.. Good luck RFC