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Really? What?

this is the first time I have looked in this wing of the forum, despite being a long time C25k forum participant. I have to say I am quite shocked. C25k is such a brilliant, well-thought out programme with scince-based progressions and correspondingly high success rate. Whereas this 0-100 pushups in 6 weeks plan is an utter nonsense. The progressions are entirely arbitrary and unrealisitic and even worse there doesn't appear to be any advice anywhere on how to do the exercise properly, safely, with correct form... Most of the recognised callisthenics progression plans out there take 6-26 weeks to build through the elements before actually getting to a single full pushup with correct form. This just seems a recipe for disillusionemt at best and injury at worst.

I am really sorry to sound like such a party pooper, especially as I am usually the first to advocate strength and conditioning exercises but I am just gobsmacked by this. WTF are Laura and the NHS thinking?

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Hear,hear,  Rig, This one size fits all approach is a recipe for disaster. We are not all wannabe SAS recruits.


I think Rig should be Admin for this forum... he knows about this sort of stuff!! I would be very happy to trust his advice when it comes to this... just sayin :-)


Hear hear Andy ! :-) xxx

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Hi Rig, I have just joined too as I read the welcome message and whats clear to me is that its about motivation to get stronger and he suggests the 100 push up challenge as something to get everyone involved, and I am sure would be guided by your knowledge if there is something better. I see this forum more as support for those of us like me who struggle to do all the things that you find so easy!!


Totally agree with Rig. I'm the first to advocate strength and core exercises. I work with light weights and do short reps. However there is no way I could or would go anywhere near 100 push ups. A good plank position is an excellent way to improve core strength and you are unlikely to injure yourself doing it. What I love about C25K and strength and flex nhs is the feeling that it is not competetive and that you can go at your own pace never feeling inadequate.


I agree with you about the pushup challenge. It seems like a 'get fit quick' scheme is probably just as ridiculous as a 'get rich quick' scheme. But then I set up this board really to be about general fitness and pushing yourself to become fitter.

I felt like couchto5k, whilst excellent, is specifically targeted to a certain type of fitness. Whilst this board (or those challenges) may not be for everyone, HU itself is there for many different types of people with many different needs. For some people these exercise programs might be exactly what they want.

One thing I would say is that if you think we should have more information on the proper way to do exercises, then put some links in a post. I'll pin it to the top...