Push Yourself

Not quite as far along as I thought

Just set out to week 3 day3 and found out I was actually on wk3 d2! Life has been getting in the way and my schedule has slipped but that's ok, I'll keep going. I'm sure the Perfect Push-up grips are helping as I can get into position (still doing them on my knees) easily and my wrist is holding up with no graunching.

wasn't sure if I should do something or nothing in the rest periods so I'm doing:-

Rest 1 20 squats resting in the time left

Rest 2 & 3 20 single leg squats

Rest 4 20 squats again

Finishing off so 20 triceps dips. These don't take up all the rest period, so I have some time to catch my breath.

Worked ok so far but not sure I'll be able to keep it up when the week's get bigger

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Blimey Annie, I just gasp for breath in the breaks!!


I am rather red in the face and not fit for much when I've done😊

A bit like running, getting the breathing right helps.